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Evaluating the potential use of raingardens on the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay campus as stormwater mitigation University Union, Phoenix RoomsOlivia Poelmann • Karen Stahlheber Designing for Wellness: A Study on WELL Design and Its Influence on Users University Union, Phoenix RoomsNisha Fernando • Natalie Smith Tool Making for the Metalsmith University Union, Phoenix Room AJerod Cox • Teresa Faris Intergenerational Experiences: Stories of Interactions Between Young Children and Older Adults University Union, Phoenix RoomsTally Blanton • Taryn Ciochon • Sarah Clark • Simone DeVore • Laura Joseph • Emma Thomas MLC Resource Library University Union, Phoenix RoomsCandance Doerr-Stevens • Maria Ortiz Phase 2: Survey Development and Data Collection Regarding Adoption of Shelter Cats Using Novel Double Compartment Housing University Union, Phoenix Room ABrittany Fitzgerald • Hannah Ludtke • Beth Rausch Power of Psychological Science: A National Study of Research Methods University Union, Phoenix RoomsRegan Gurung • Rosalyn Stoa What factors determine whether a child is bullied? University Union, Phoenix RoomsNikki Brendemuehl • David Welsch How is Quality of Life Assessed in People with Dementia? University Union, Phoenix RoomsSabine Heuer • Rebecca Willer Inhibition of the Malarial Parasite Plasmodium falciparum by Targeting the Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase University Union, Phoenix RoomsJ. Alfred Bonilla • Jesse Hill Investigation of Splice Morpholino Mechanisms in relation to Eya 2 & Eya 3 in Danio Rerio University Union, Phoenix RoomsJenean O'Brien • Alexander Zosel Isolation and Characterization of Soil from Kennedy Park in Green Bay, WI University Union, Phoenix RoomsSamuel Engel • Emanuel Hernandez • Brian Merkel Methylcedrusin causes Cardiac Hypertrophy in Cultured Rat Myoblast Cells University Union, Phoenix RoomsKrista Haglund • Cheng-Chen Huang • Rebecca Welman Phase 1: Design and Installation of Novel Double-Compartment Housing for Shelter Cats University Union, Phoenix Room ABrittany Fitzgerald • Hannah Ludtke • Beth Rausch Single Session Mindfulness Meditation Effects on Stress, Frontal Lobe Asymmetry, and Salivary Immunoglobulin-Alpha Production in a College Student Population. University Union, Phoenix RoomsColin Griffin • Cullen Schull • Michael Wong Surface Active Magnetic Nanomaterials for Bioanalytical Applications University Union, Phoenix RoomsMandeep Bakshi • Akanksha Gurtu The Antibiotic Production Capability of Gram-Positive vs. Gram-Negative Bacteria in Soil University Union, Phoenix RoomsErin Falk • Lisa Grubisha • Mikayla Reed The Effects of Oral Consumption of Echinacea on Human Neutrophils University Union, Phoenix RoomsHalee Behrens • Catherine Fonder • Rachel Gordon • Brian Merkel • Keyur Patel The Presence of the Holistic Approach to Healthcare in Germany and the EU University Union, Phoenix RoomsCaitlin Balliet • David Coury The roles of Vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids in Ovarian Cancer University Union, Phoenix RoomsJonathan Arvedson • Georgette Heyrman • Alexandra Kershner • Debra Pearson The Synthesis of Piperazine-Based CB1R and D4R Dual-Acting Antagonists University Union, Phoenix RoomsChristopher Cunningham • Anghelo Gangano The Zebrafish ASNA-1 Gene University Union, Phoenix RoomsKaren Freitag • Cheng-Chen Huang • Krystal Kleven A Computational Study of OC–BX3 Complexes University Union, Phoenix RoomsJordan Munos • James Phillips A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS: CHARACTERIZNG THE EFFECTS OF THERMAL STRESS ON METABOLITES IN DAMSELFLIES University Union, Phoenix RoomsNick Bielski • Jason Kowalski • Jessica Orlofske A Study of Oral Disc and Tooth Row Malformations in Green Frogs (Lithobates clamitans) University Union, Phoenix RoomsJohn Peterson • Kiara Zurow Acute and Chronic Toxicity of the Insecticide Thiamethoxam to Ceriodaphnia dubia Water Fleas University Union, Phoenix RoomsKassandra Arnold • Elisabeth Harrahy After destruction: a comparison of Peromyscus movement University Union, Phoenix RoomsJulie Benzschawel • Jeff Huebschman Alpha amylase activity and specificity of hydrolytic enzymes from the bacterial termite gut symbiont, isolate JT5 University Union, Phoenix RoomsRaisa Ancheta • Robert Krueger • Eric Matson • Aaron Napier Analysis of Nanoparticle Inks for Their Use in Thin Film Solar Panels University Union, Phoenix RoomsShannon Riha • Cassidy Volm Anthocyanin extraction by microbial processing University Union, Phoenix RoomsAqib Akhtar • Tavares Cannon • Adam Ghouse • Umbreen Iqbal • Francis Mann Antibiotic Production by Soil Bacteria from a Wisconsin State Park. University Union, Phoenix RoomsAshley Brechlin • Lisa Grubisha • Sam Laude Assessing the role of Alx, a membrane protein, in Escherichia coli University Union, Phoenix RoomsLuke Seuffer • Lauren Waters Big Hero #6: The Sole Antibiotic Producer University Union, Phoenix RoomsElizabeth Evans • Brian Merkel Building a DC Plasma Glow Tube University Union, Phoenix RoomsCavan Maher • Lowell McCann Centerville Creek Restoration Monitoring University Union, Phoenix RoomsNicholas Geiger • Richard Hein • Meghan Jackson • Josh Steckmesser Characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isoprenyl diphosphate synthase Rv2173 University Union, Phoenix RoomsFaith Adekunle • Francis Mann Characterizing the effect of sugar phosphotransferase system members on the response to glucose-phosphate stress in Escherichia coli University Union, Phoenix RoomsGregg Richards • Jennifer Shaw Characterizing the effects of nucleoside transport-related genes on the recovery from glucose-phosphate stress in Escherichia coli University Union, Phoenix RoomsGregory Richards • Bianca Ruffolo Characterizing the expression of the Met4 transcriptional complex upon swapping the promoters of transcriptional family members MET31 and MET32 University Union, Phoenix RoomsTraci Lee • Nolan Ryan • Sylvia Schniederman Chloroplast DNA Sequencing Reveals the Presence of Two Exotic Phragmites Haplotypes in Northeast Wisconsin University Union, Phoenix RoomsLisa Grubisha • Rebecca Malcore Confident taxonomy: Using bayesian probabilities to support genus and species level identifications based on morphological traits University Union, Phoenix RoomsNicole Chapman • Jessica Orlofske • Christopher Tyrrell • Nora Willkomm Constructing a Chronic Neural Ensemble Recording System University Union, Phoenix RoomsChristian Ayon Garcia • Martin Tchernookov • Meg Waraczynski • Ozgur Yavuzcetin • Daniel Zamzow Construction and Design of an Ultrafast Erbium Fiber Laser University Union, Phoenix RoomsLukas Martinez • Lowell McCann Development of a Copper-Catalyzed Aminooxygenation Reaction to Form Nitrogen Heterocycles University Union, Phoenix RoomsBrigit Flynn • Celena Josephitis • Kathryn McGarry • Greg Regazzi Dopamine-modified Graphene-based Adsorbent for Antibiotics Removal from Aqueous Solutions University Union, Phoenix RoomsYuting Lin • Marcia Silva • Yan Zhang Effects of Dietary Fibers on Interleukin-10 Deficient Mice Acquiring Irritable Bowl Disease (IBD) University Union, Phoenix RoomsAnahi Cruz • Fabian Preuss Effects of Local Weather on the Overwintering Habits of Eastern Chipmunks (Tamias striatus) University Union, Phoenix RoomsJeffrey Huebschman • Kiara Zurow Effects of technologically relevant complex metal oxide nanomaterials on D.magna University Union, Phoenix RoomsEvan Bennett • Rebecca Klaper Electrochemical Analysis of THC and CBD University Union, Phoenix RoomsJaden McKiernan • Shannon Riha • Natalie Sellnau Epithelial Sodium Channel (ENaC) Localization and Intrauterine Device (IUD) Protocol Development in Mares University Union, Phoenix RoomsCasie Bass • Michelle DeBoer • Rachel Hau Estimating number of cattle on feed in feedlots less than 1000 head University Union, Phoenix RoomsBrenda Boetel • Jared Geiser Examination of Antibiotic Producers in Soil University Union, Phoenix RoomsSabrina Grube • Lisa Grubisha • Olivia Poelmann Examining the effects of glucose-phosphate stress response regulators on the Escherichia coli stringent response to nutrient starvation University Union, Phoenix RoomsEmily Campbell • Gregory Richards Extra-solar Planets from Citizen-Science Astronomy University Union, Phoenix RoomsNadejda Kaltcheva • Megan Rose Finding a New Treatment in Neuropathic Pain: Targetting the GABA(A) Receptor in Microglia University Union, Phoenix RoomsAlexander Arnold • Brandon Mikulsky Finding Unique Bacteriophage Sequences using DOGDEMS University Union, Phoenix RoomsKaren Klyczek • Sam Wang Formation of Struvite in Simulated Wastewater Using Naturally Abundant Low-Soluble Magnesium Precursors University Union, Phoenix RoomsZac Chambers • Jennifer Christus Green Chemistry Capstone University Union, Phoenix RoomsReAnn Hill • Alexandra Oosting • Mikaela Reed • Emily Rocque • Joshua Vollmar • Julie Wondergem Harnessing Nature University Union, Phoenix RoomsBrian Cummings • Joel Heaberlin • Ozgur Yavuzcetin Host Range Testing of Microbacterium Phages University Union, Phoenix RoomsDanielle Chmielewski • Karen Klyczek • Willow Stuart Identification of Amyloid Fibrils in Seminal Plasma of Mammalian Species using Atomic Force Microscopy University Union, Phoenix RoomsNathaly Cormier • Ian Ruble Identifying antibiotic producers from soil-dwelling bacteria University Union, Phoenix RoomsNoelle Eschen • Lisa Grubisha • Jessica Kessler Influence of deposition conditions on the assembly of polyelectrolyte multilayer nanofilms University Union, Phoenix RoomsColby Barker • Soma Chattopadhyay • Christoher Hampton • Sherrie Heinz-Kunert • Stephanie Noonan Influence of sex ratio and flow conditions in Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) egg fertilization success University Union, Phoenix RoomsPatrick Forsythe • Angela Grimm • Stefan Tucker Isolation of Environmentally found Antibiotic Producing Bacterial Colonies for Safe ESKAPE relatives Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli. University Union, Phoenix RoomsBailey Crary • Lisa Grubisha • Makayla Swain Regeneration and Reuse of Natural Porous Filter Material Following the Capture and Recovery of Phosphate Ions University Union, Phoenix Room AMohsen Manjili • Marcia Silva • Patrick Zastrow Stellar Populations in the Galaxy NGC 6822 University Union, Phoenix RoomsBarton Pritzl • Timothy Van Rooy Weathering of Volcanic Rocks Forming Black Sand Beaches University Union, Phoenix RoomsPrajukti Bhattacharyya • Lucas Murray • Ryan Workman "Fear, Conservation, and Hope" Framing in Media Coverage of Sharks University Union, Phoenix RoomsBryan Carr • Carly DeGrand Characterizing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Purchases: A Case Study Comparing Shopping Behaviors of SNAP and Non-SNAP Households at One Wisconsin Grocery Retailer University Union, Phoenix RoomsEmma Halverson • Eric Jamelske • Kelly Schneider • Levi Soborowicz Comparing the Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC) to the Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program (SNAP): A Case Study of Benefit Redemption Rates in Wisconsin University Union, Phoenix RoomsJared Forgarty • Nathan Gilger • Eric Jamelske • Benjamin Miller Comparison Analysis of Historic Ceramic Artifacts Recovered from Montgomery Cabin One and Two Sites University Union, Phoenix Room AJasa Miller • Robert Sasso Does an Infant's Gender Play a Role in how often a Mother Portrays Social Interactions Among Characters while Narrating a Picture Book? University Union, Phoenix RoomsJoni Polzin • Sawa Senzaki Gauging the Engagement: Levels of Involvement, Satisfaction, and Success in a Psychology Undergraduate Program University Union, Phoenix RoomsNicholas Livingston • Ryan Martin • Rosalyn Stoa Genre-specific music training gives rise to differential dependencies on structural metrics of sound during perceptual judgments University Union, Phoenix RoomsCassandra Doolittle • Adam Greenberg Global Sound Features: Perceiving the Gist of Auditory Information at Brief Exposures University Union, Phoenix RoomsHolly Ambruso • Melissa Gregg • Megan Schulte How Advocacy Organizations Are Addressing Milwaukee’s Eviction Crisis: Making Social Change One Case at a Time University Union, Phoenix RoomsJamie Harris • Abigail Lynch How Confident Are You Really? Neural Measures of Eyewitness Confidence University Union, Phoenix RoomsJason Cowell • Susan Schober Increasing College Students’ Positive Perceptions of Counseling Services Through Video Presentations University Union, Phoenix RoomsLindsey Drachenberg • Jarrod Hines • Cassidy Mattson Increasing Healthy Food Access for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Households: A Case Study of Participation and Benefits from a Wisconsin Farmers Market – Market Match Program University Union, Phoenix RoomsEric Jamelske • Rivin Perinchery • Shelly Stephani • Nevada Sweitzer Is there a relationship between political policy and the gender wage gap? A comparison of 5 countries. University Union, Phoenix RoomsCarolyn Guse • Pamela Johnson • Logan Kelly • Nicholas Pulju • Jacob Wakefield Justice for All or Outgroup Prejudice? A Study on the Effects of Superhero Priming on Attitudes Toward Immigrants University Union, Phoenix RoomsKathleen Burns • Nicholas Livingston Listener's Facial Expression and Emotional Speech Processing Speed University Union, Phoenix RoomsLynn Gilbertson • Amara Tang Longitudinal Associations between Siblings’ Technology-Mediated Communication and Relationship Quality during Emerging Adulthood University Union, Phoenix RoomsAnna Lindell • Brittany Redden Materials Associated with Aversive Value Capture Attention University Union, Phoenix RoomsDeborah Hannula • Lauren Hopkins • Tessa Miskimen • Allison Nickel Memory for Auditory Objects in Visually-Impaired Individuals Does Not Approach Memory for Visual Objects in Sighted Individuals University Union, Phoenix RoomsMaritza Esqueda-Medina • Melissa Gregg Mirror Selfies and Objectivity University Union, Phoenix RoomsMaddie Fischer • Regan Gurung • Kassidy Murphy Relations among college students’ modern sexism, conservatism, religiosity, global belief in a just world, feelings towards social groups, and news sources University Union, Phoenix RoomsJulia Alberth • Sylvia Beyer • Mikayla Poehler • Mikayla Prott Seeing Stars: The Long Term Neural Implications of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury on Executive Function University Union, Phoenix RoomsJason Cowell • Shayla Warren Social Interaction and Media Behavior: Political Engagement among Gen Z University Union, Phoenix RoomsMegan Elger • Kristi Wilkum Stop Objectifying University Union, Phoenix RoomsSamantha Alger-Feser • Regan Gurung • Nicholas Livingston Sustained Attention: The role of Parental Reading Time on Infant's Attention between American and Japanese Infants University Union, Phoenix RoomsMackenzi LaMarre • Sawa Senzaki The Importance of Individualized Learning Courses in a Psychology Major University Union, Phoenix RoomsSamantha Alger-Feser • Taylor Gulbrand • Ryan Martin • Stephanie Nielson • Kate Sorebo • Rosalyn Stoa • Shayla Warren The Influence of Parent and Peer Attachment on Emerging Adults' Prosocial Tendencies and Mental Health University Union, Phoenix RoomsAlexandria Evans • Meredith McGinley Trumping Racism: The Role of Formal Clothing and the President University Union, Phoenix RoomsSamantha Alger-Feser • Regan Gurung • Nicholas Livingston How do UWGB students who are ALICE or below conceptualize their educational experiences? University Union, Phoenix RoomsCheyanne Catura • Katey Heiser • Brittany Maas • Paige Osmunson • Jen Schanen-Materi • Gabriella Shapiro Transition Needs Assessment for Students with Disabilities at Northwestern High School University Union, Phoenix RoomsRachel Ellis • Lynn Goerdt CGI on a Shoestring University Union, Phoenix Room ACharles Harris • Bill Miller Fabrication, Simulation, and Characterization of Silicon Nanomembranes For MEMS Pressure Sensors University Union, Phoenix RoomsAdam Brockman • Gokul Gopalakrishnan • Daniel Myers • Max Wirtz Improving Disaster Response with Intelligent Collaborative Agents University Union, Phoenix RoomsMehdi Roopaei • Jonas Wagner Modeling the behavior of silicon nanomembranes in MEMS sensors University Union, Phoenix RoomsGokul Gopalakrishnan • David Kelm • Jonas Wagner Naval Software Development Through AI Machine Learning and Java University Union, Phoenix RoomsBrett Dutton • Hien Nguyen PATTERNING SILICON NANOMEMBRANES FOR THE SEPARATION OF MICRO AND NANOSCALE OBJECTS University Union, Phoenix RoomsOrin Eckes • Gokul Gopalakrishnan The development of a portable electrocardiography machine and the effects on cardiac disease prevention University Union, Phoenix RoomsLowell McCann • Haley Nielsen The Zuckerberg Files: Analyzing Mark Zuckerberg's Discourse on Social Responsibility University Union, Phoenix RoomsEmily Lusiak • Michael Zimmer Thermal Lab Equipment Monitoring System University Union, Phoenix RoomsBraeden Michael • Martin Tchernookov Utilizing a Raspberry Pi on a Hexacopter Drone to Visualize Atmospheric Pollution University Union, Phoenix RoomsDavid Juckem • Eric McDaniel • Warren Vaz UW-Fox Valley Basic Utility Vehicle University Union, Phoenix RoomsCollin Durkin • Griffin Tedlie • Warren Vaz Virtual Reality is the Connection Between Human Perception and Data Visualization University Union, Phoenix RoomsAric Fowler • Emma Mutschelknaus • Mehdi Roopaei


Comprehensive Analysis of the Performances of Finger-Style Guitarists at the 1969 and 1970 Ann Arbor Blues Festivals University Unioin, Wequiock RoomNia Keranova • Isaac Repinski • John Stropes Developing Global Competencies and Global Capacities in two Teacher Education Programs through International Collaboration. Phase III University Union, World Unity Room ATheresa Laporte • Jack Marchiafava • Kevin Ruhl • Elizabeth Scott • Eric Torres • Amy Verdegan "An Irrevocable Condition": Examining the Concept of 'Home' in the Life and Works of African American Expatriate Authors, Artists, and Activists University Union, World Unity Room BJoseph Prestley • Sarah Schuetze Chinese and American Support for an International Climate Treaty Across Countries and Years: Analysis by Calculated Knowledge/Acceptance/Concern Scores University Union, Manistique RoomConnor Adams • James Boulter • Clayton Cavanaugh • Eric Jamelske • Trung Nguyen How to Succeed as a Student of Color on a Predominately White Campus: Involuntary Leadership, Academic Disobedience, Culture Shock University Union, 1965 RoomBryan Carr • Selena Deer Creating an Affordable Solar Water Heater System University Union, Room 125Kim Pierson • Rebecca Tollakson WiSys Research Panel University Union, Room 103William Dirienzo • Sarah Kronek • Brian Walsh • Adam Jensen • Sawa Senzaki • Becky Berry • Sarah Klemp • Mark Klemp • Sarah Lesniak • Maruf Hossain Dance, transcendence and putting the pieces together University Union, Christe TheatreJacklyn Burrell • Michael Estanich





Scientific Illustration in Support of Taxonomy and Paleoecology of Cretaceous Gastropod Research. University Union, Phoenix Room AHannah Chaney • Rex Hanger Do you Seriously Care About the Environment? Perceived underlying motives can impact Customer Relations University Union, Phoenix RoomsGaurav Bansal • Noah Redfearn The economy of war: an analysis of WWI and its effect on the economies of developed and undeveloped countries University Union, Phoenix RoomsJennifer Hafer • Holly Mitchell The State of the Audit Committee: What We Have Learned in the SOX Era University Union, Phoenix RoomsColleen Boland • Annika Gogan A Systematic Review of Effectiveness of Health Promotion Interventions for Transgender People University Union, Phoenix RoomsAshley Lopez • Lance Weinhardt Assessing Human Papillomavirus Awareness in Diverse Communities University Union, Phoenix RoomsJulia Alberth • Molly Johnson • Caryn Peterson • Melinda Stolley Big Things Come In Microscopic Packages University Union, Phoenix RoomsChristian Ambrosio • Roman Lyudmer • Brian Merkel Black Mental Health Symposium University Union, Phoenix RoomsCleaster Hood • Abey Kuruvilla Bovine milk-derived stem cells establish long-live and differentiated ductal monolayers with developmental potential to generate 3D ascinar tissue features. University Union, Phoenix RoomsCarli Boston-Denton • Timothy Lyden • Joshua Walczak Cholecystokinin Inhibits TXNIP Expression in Pancreatic Beta-Cells University Union, Phoenix RoomsLuke Flunker • Carly Kibbe • Aimee Steffenhagen • Norah Swenson CLINICAL FOOD AND NUTRITION MANAGEMENT AT BELLIN HOSPITAL University Union, Phoenix RoomsMaira Garza • Sara Wagner Developing Professionalism and Communication Through Acute Care Nursing Simulation University Union, Phoenix RoomsMeg Lagunas • Chelsea Scholbe Discovery of Broad Spectrum Antibiotic Producing Soil Bacteria University Union, Phoenix RoomsHalee Behrens • Brian Merkel • Katlyn Tappy Effect of the use of fitness trackers in a wellness course on physical activity, exercise, fitness levels, and perceived knowledge of college students University Union, Phoenix RoomsEleanora Karnila • Jose Palao Establishing a Drug Screening Platform for Anti-Diabetic Drugs Using Transgenic C. elegans University Union, Phoenix RoomsKaren Freitag • Cheng-Chen Huang • Krystal Kleven Examining the Role of Six1-Eya2 Transcriptional Regulators in Muscle Development University Union, Phoenix RoomsJordyn Nepper • Jenean O'Brien Expansion of a traumatic brain injury model: Standardization of four levels of injury severity. University Union, Phoenix RoomsDouglas Brusich • Nathaniel Disher • Brooke Kalata • Lauren Putnam • Ashley Willes Exploring the molecular mechanism by which CL-5, a potential anthelmintic, causes oxidative stress University Union, Phoenix RoomsJacob Lindstrand • Jennifer Miskowski Exploring Use of Mindfulness for Depression Experienced by Individuals Undergoing Rotator Cuff Repair University Union, Phoenix RoomsVanessa Bravo • Allison Kotowicz The Search for New Antibiotics in Soil from the Environment University Union, Phoenix RoomsLisa Grubisha • Alec Meyer • Nathan Woulf A Comparison of the Production of the /t/ sound in Child-Directed vs. Adult-Directed Speech University Union, Phoenix RoomsRobin Fritche • Aimee Roekle • Jae Yung Song Abusive Relationships in Jean Rhys' Novel Wide Sargasso Sea University Union, Phoenix RoomsNicole Childs • Daniel Lawrence Criminality and Eugenics in the 1920s University Union, Phoenix RoomsCarol Lenz • Kimberley Reilly • Lindsaay Wakefield Exploring Strategies for student success in human gross anatomy University Union, Phoenix RoomsRobert Holloway • Andrew Petto Myanmar: Exploring Education and Humanity University Union, Phoenix Room ATiffany Lissick • Tun Myint • Eric Sanden • Gary Wagenbach OUR MOTHERS’ GARDENS AND TABLES: TRANSCULTURATION, FOOD CULTURES AND MIGRATION IN THE MAKING OF BLACK MILWAUKEE University Union, Phoenix RoomsAims McGuinness • Dominique Wilkerson The Criminalization of Sex at Taycheedah Correctional Institution (1920-1933) University Union, Phoenix RoomsJacqueline Grabowski • Whitlee Neuens • Kimberley Reilly • Megan Schoenauer Comparison of Different Otolith Aging Techniques of Lake Whitefish University Union, Phoenix RoomsLisa Grubisha • Madeline McKeefry • Andrew Ransom • Stefan Tucker Conservation genetic analysis of coralroot orchid (Corallorhiza spp.) populations at Toft Point and the Ridges Sanctuary University Union, Phoenix RoomsLisa Grubisha • Makayla Swain Kilauea Sulfur Dioxide Interpolation, Hawai'i County 2018 University Union, Phoenix RoomsJuk Bhattacharyya • Kalama Kamoku Locating a Distribution Center through Graph Theory University Union, Phoenix RoomsColin Jackson • Huiya Yan Looking to Soil Microbes for a Solution to the Antibiotic Crisis University Union, Phoenix RoomsLisa Grubisha • Kenzie Ostien • Madison Quamme Management Analysis of Biscayne National Park University Union, Phoenix RoomsKatherine Bruni • Elizabeth Wheat Material properties of the paired and median fin rays in Coho salmon University Union, Phoenix RoomsNatalia Taft • Kimberley Mvetimbo Tambo Mathematical Modelling of the Mechanical Response of GFP Inside Protein Hydrogels University Union, Phoenix RoomsMirko Pavlovic • Ionel Popa Memorial Park Artificial Cover Board Research University Union, Phoenix RoomsSarah Bauer • John Peterson Microstructural Analysis of the Acebuches Metabasites from the South Iberian Shear Zone University Union, Phoenix RoomsDyanna Czeck • Valerie Rubalcava Microstructural Observations Across the Southern Iberian Shear Zone University Union, Phoenix RoomsDyanna Czeck • Dulce Hernandez-Blanchard Molecular Analysis of 5’-3’ Exoribonuclease (Xrn) Mutants in the Green Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, Including a Mutant that Tolerates Low Nitrogen University Union, Phoenix RoomsDavid Higgs • Johnathan Tuttle • Julia Williams New families of Vertex Isoperimetric Graphs University Union, Phoenix RoomsSergei Bezroukov • Jounglag Lim OPTIMIZING PCR ANALYSIS OF POLYMORPHISMS IN THE HUMAN COMT AND DRD4 GENES University Union, Phoenix RoomsMackenzie Hemauer • Joseph Larson • Uwe Pott Parasites as bioindicators for wetland restoration projects University Union, Phoenix RoomsFiona Georgousi • Robert Jadin • Vanessa Komada • Sarah Orlofske • Rachel Schultz • Hunter Schwaller • Jacob Straub Partial Cloning of Bovine Zonadhesin cDNA as a Precursor for Antibody Production and Diagnostic Tool University Union, Phoenix RoomsNathaly Cormier • Andrew Weber Phosphorylation dependent function of a FOXO transcription factor from the parasitic nematode Brugia malayi University Union, Phoenix RoomsKirsten Crossgrove • Matthew Schulgit Precipitation Changes and Variance in the Great Lakes Region University Union, Phoenix RoomsJohn Frye • Jillian Stephens Predator – predator interactions? How gray wolves are affecting the spatial distribution of mesopredators in central Wisconsin. University Union, Phoenix RoomsErynn McNeill • Meredith Thomsen Random Forest Analysis of Age-Related Macular Degeneration University Union, Phoenix RoomsAbra Brisbin • Hannah Lewis • Eric Mallmann Random Forest Analysis of Breast Cancer Age at Onset University Union, Phoenix RoomsHannah Bettack • Abra Brisbin • Foong Min Wong Remediation of PCBs and Mercury in Green Bay Lake Sediments University Union, Phoenix RoomsAlice Lecus • Marcia Silva Repliclade University Union, Phoenix RoomsBrett Bortz • Robert Kuzoff Sequestration of hexavalent chromium by cyanobacteria Arthrospira platensis University Union, Phoenix RoomsBecky Berry • Sarah Klemp • Mark Klemp • Renee Richer • Patricia Terry • Michael Zorn SHAPE, SIZE, AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF TEPHRA PARTICLES FROM 2010 EYJAFJALLAJÖKULL AND 2014-15 BÁRDARBUNGA ERUPTION University Union, Phoenix RoomsPrajukti Bhattacharyya • Ty Brooks • John Ejnik • Peter Jacobs • Michael Manley • Ozgur Yavuzcetin Short Chain Fatty Acid Kinase Enzymology University Union, Phoenix RoomsMaxwell Bachochin • Robert Barber • Brittany Dobrowski Snake fungal disease distribution in the Driftless Area, Wisconsin, USA University Union, Phoenix RoomsMatthew Allender • Caleb Cizauskas • John Peterson • Chris Underwood STARS@UWM: The Search for Pulsars University Union, Phoenix RoomsTravis Fichtenbauer • Alexander Klug • Zachary Komassa • Alisa Preiksaitis • Marisa Roch • Xavier Siemens Structure and functional characterization of monocysteine mutants in Exotoxin Y from Pseudomonas aeruginosa University Union, Phoenix RoomsTzvia Springer • Arianna Wichman Students for the Exploration and Development of Space University Union, Phoenix RoomsDaniel Cairns • Daniel Gomez • David Kaplan • Kaitlin Krause • Isaac Ngui • Westley Roth • August Schuett Tadpole Body Morphology University Union, Phoenix RoomsKatherine Jones • John Peterson Tannin Shows Growth Inhibition in Metastatic MCF7 Breast Cancer Cell University Union, Phoenix RoomsChristopher Dusek • Cheng-Chen Huang Temporal and Geographic Patterns in the Evolution of Aquatic Plants in Order Lamiales University Union, Phoenix RoomsMackenzie Manicki • Lucas Neuenschwander • Nicholas Tippery The Effect of Acid Strength on Catalytic Conversion of CO2 to Value-Added Chemicals University Union, Phoenix RoomsKara Gillette • Sheri Lense The effects of road salt on the growth and survival of freshwater snails (Helisoma sp.) University Union, Phoenix RoomsBrianna Dunbar • Alexis Hollander • Nicholas Manning • Sarah Orlofske The Emergence of Lentic Aquatic Invertebrate Assemblages in response to Simulated Climate Change and Community Dynamics University Union, Phoenix RoomsJohanna Ackmann • Jessica Orlofske • Lauren Prochniak The Influence of the Number and Positioning of Intramolecular Acids on Carbon Dioxide Reduction Catalysts University Union, Phoenix RoomsSheri Lense • Grace Robertson The Subcellular Localization of Small Protein MntS in Escherichia coli University Union, Phoenix RoomsBecca Amick • Lauren Waters Transgenic Rescue of Ce-daf-2 with Bma-daf-2 University Union, Phoenix RoomsMarissa Bunge • Kirsten Crossgrove Unraveling the ectomycorrhizal symbiotic signaling in poplar (Populus sp.) University Union, Phoenix RoomsKaylee Finseth • Jessica Helwig • Muthu Venkateshwaran Water temperature and salinity affect the nutritional status and physical sizes of yellow perch (Perca flavescens) embryo University Union, Phoenix RoomsDong-Fang Deng • Fei Huang • Emma Kraco • Xing Lu • Peter Shep Within-Population Spatial Genetic Structure of the Bull Kelp, Nereocystis luetkena University Union, Phoenix RoomsFilipe Alberto • Lily Gierke • Gaelle Sehi Working Toward the Synthesis of a Cancer Medication University Union, Phoenix RoomsAlexandra Oosting • Natalie Bird • Mareah Desotelle • Jon McNulty • Kristin Rauch • Hannah Roskopf • Julie Wondergem A deep dive into the college experience: The benefits and understudied costs of being highly engaged on a college campus University Union, Phoenix RoomsTaylor Gulbrand • Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges An Assessment of the Advocacy Network Mitigating Human Trafficking in Milwaukee University Union, Phoenix RoomsMarcail Bayer • Dylan Bennett An ERP Analysis of Anticipated Attributions to Altruistic Acts University Union, Phoenix RoomsJason Cowell • A Yang Analysis of Buttons Recovered at the Montgomery Site in Kenosha County, WI University Union, Phoenix RoomsStephanie Hill • Robert Sasso Analysis of Clay Pipes found at the Montgomery Site University Union, Phoenix RoomsRebecca Collins • Robert Sasso Are education investment and economic growth related? A comparison by state. University Union, Phoenix RoomsAlice Darling • Jasmine Hunn • Logan Kelly • Jacob Luberda • Ashley Swanson Assessment of Sleep Disturbance and Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms Across Sustained Abstinence in Adolescent and Young Adult Cannabis Users University Union, Phoenix RoomsLukas Dommer • Krista Lisdahl • Ryan Sullivan Augmentative and Alternative Communication Awareness and Training Among Staff and Nurses in WI University Union, Phoenix RoomsMcKinzie Comer • Lynn Gilbertson Chinese and American Support for an International Climate Treaty Across Countries and Years: Analysis by Calculated Knowledge/Acceptance/Concern Scores University Union, Phoenix RoomsConnor Adams • James Boulter • Clayton Cavanaugh • Eric Jamelske • Trung Nguyen Correlations Between the Coach-Athlete Relationship and Motivation, Burnout, and Dropout University Union, Phoenix RoomsJana Fogaca • Kaylyn Herron Covering Singapore: International Media Framing of the 2018 North Korea-United States Summit University Union, Phoenix RoomsWon Jang • Rachel Schmidt Cross-Cultural Study of Theory of Mind and Executive Function Development in Children University Union, Phoenix RoomsSawa Senzaki • Rachael Smith Differential Relationships between Gender in Moral vs. Likelihood Thought-Action Fusion University Union, Phoenix RoomsJorge Arciniegas • Camren Bento • Lauren Hahn • Han Joo Lee • Stephan Siwiec Do Neural Correlates of Empathy Predict Real-World Helping Behavior? University Union, Phoenix RoomsSimmi Bharwani • Melissa Gregg • Autumn Hamilton Does Curiosity Enhance Learning? University Union, Phoenix RoomsTorrey Lucido • Ryan Martin • Sophie Sielen Emotion Reception: The Roles that Age and Gender Play on Children's Development of Emotion Recognition University Union, Phoenix RoomsAllison Degner • Sarah Lesniak • Sawa Senzaki • Kate Sorebo Emotional Expression on Social Media University Union, Phoenix RoomsTorrey Lucido • Ryan Martin • Sophia Sielen Employee engagement: The role of critical predictors and outcomes University Union, Phoenix RoomsDavid Radosevich • Paige Richardson • Rachael Smith Environmental Perception and Behavior Choices University Union, Phoenix RoomsHaley Falcon • Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges Examining Executive Function and Psychosis-like Symptoms in a Normative Population using ERP University Union, Phoenix RoomsAlison Bahena • Jason Cowell • Alisha Ziegler Examining Strategies for Reducing Consumption of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages University Union, Phoenix RoomsJenna Flanders • Sara Spannbauer • Todd Wilkinson Exploration of Domestic and International Determinants of Palestine’s Relationships with it’s Regional Neighbors (Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon) University Union, Phoenix RoomsAustin Carron • Ekaterina Levintova Insights into Public Views on Climate Change in China and the United States: Content Analysis of Open-Ended Survey Question Responses University Union, Phoenix RoomsMichelle Beh • James Boulter • Eric Jamelske • Carly Morris Instructor and Student Preceptions of Titles University Union, Phoenix RoomsAveri Linz • Nese Nasif Investigating the Willingness-to-Pay for Climate Change Policy Action to Reduce Greenhouse Gases Among Chinese and American Citizens: Comparing Results from Surveys Conducted in 2015 and 2017 University Union, Phoenix RoomsJames Boulter • Eric Jamelske • Eric Mallmann • Lillian Strehlow Using Avifaunal Trends to Evaluate Environmental Shifts on the Eurasian Forest-steppe with the Expansion of Agropastoralism University Union, Phoenix RoomsLauren Henry • Jordan Karsten • Sarah Ledogar Using Geospatial Technologies to Search for Threatened Burial Mounds in Southeastern Wisconsin. University Union, Phoenix RoomsCaitlin Curtis • Nathan Gray What Charitable Causes do Americans Perceive as “Unworthy”? University Union, Phoenix RoomsRuth Hansen • Alexandra Lewis • Mariah Navis What makes employees enthusiastic about work? 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